Coronavirus Calls For Adaptation

Stay tuned for our up coming online events !

The coronavirus situation is forcing us to adapt, to change our habits, our ways of doing and thinking. Due to the cancellation of all our residential trainings and lectures, the school is adapting as well.

This is a time where many of us are forced to retreat. Let’s take this opportunity to recenter, pounder on the meaning of our lives, meet and re-discover ourselves, to learn and grow in consciousness in order to get out of this world paralysis stronger and more aware.

And Biodecoding is part of this leap of evolution that humanity is in the process of manifesting. This is the time more than ever to be part of your lives, that’s why we are speeding up our long time project to offer online lectures and trainings. Initially scheduled to be launched in fall 2020, we are working hard to get them ready within the next few weeks.

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