Maybe you enjoyed our videos and our online mini-course, and now you feel the need to learn more about this amazing healing and transformational method that is Biodecoding®.

What about you dive deeper with our new online Starter Course today for only $245 !

Experience a life-altering course directly from the creator of Biodecoding®, Christian Flèche and the founder of the Biodecoding® Institute, Marie Anne Boularand.

Enroll in the Starter Course Today

for only $249

Limited time offer (regular cost: $360)



Quality and excellency have been our priority in all our trainings for the past 26 years, whether you aim at certification for professional practice or you just want to empower yourself for personal use.

The Starter Course is the first Module of the full Online Training. It lays all the Biodecoding® foundations with hand-on concepts and protocols that you will be able to integrate right away in your personal life and professional practice.

The Starter Course unfolds in 2 parts

Part 1 – ONLINE COURSES: you start training right away in the comfort of your home at your convenience and own pace. You will learn the theory-based of the Biodecoding® foundational concepts explained by Christian Flèche himself through a series of videos. The course is comprised of 22 lessons. Each lesson covers a specific topic and is comprised of one or two videos with pdf documents that summarize the key points of the lesson. You will also find a quiz to self-evaluate your integration of those key points.

Part 2 – MENTORING WEBINAR. As you advance through the lessons, you will be invited to attend a live Group Mentoring Webinar with Marie Anne Boularand. During this online session, you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you might have related to the content of the Starter Course. You will also learn 2 key therapeutic protocols to put into practice the theory and start experiencing on yourself the transformational outcomes Biodecoding® creates. Marie Anne will also share additional information and practical tips she gained during her 20 years of practice of Biodecoding®. At the end of the Mentoring Session, you will be given an assignment to master your new therapeutic skills and move forward into the advanced training.



We are facing particular times right now and the knowledge contained in Biodecoding® is a huge piece to bring human consciousness to the next level. It’s a life altering modality that allows you to see and approach disease and emotional imbalances in a radically different way, to heal the body and free yourself and others from old outdated life programs and beliefs.

  • Whether you are already a health professional, this training will bring you groundbreaking healing skills that will boost your healing results and make you an even greater therapist.
  • You may be at a crossroad in your life and you are drawn to a career as a therapist. We will train you at becoming an amazing and successful Biodecoding® practitioner, and make a significant impact in people’s lives and your own.
  • You might not want to develop a professional practice but you want to experience deep transformation for yourself and get equipped with life altering skills to help your loved ones. This training is tailored for you as well !

Join today a training built for you to HEAL, TRANSFORM and BECOME !


We are running this special for a limited time

Enroll in the Starter Course today for only $249 (regular $360)

Contact us now to secure the offer and receive your personalized promo code.


Online courses at home

Begin your training by enrolling in the online courses. Learn all the theory-based foundational concepts explained by Christian Flèche himself through a series of videos, textbooks and quizzes.

Monthly online mentoring

Once you have completed the first module online, you can enroll in the full certification training. From that point on, you will be able to attend one of our monthly Students Mentoring Meetings presented by Marie Anne Boularand. A privileged moment to meet other students, ask your questions, get more tips and practice some foundational protocols. It will keep you on track throughout the all training.

Residential seminars

Dive into the art of practicing Biodecoding® and experiencing on yourself outstanding transformational outcomes. You will learn the signature therapeutic protocols that makes Biodecoding® unique and so efficient. A time to heal, transform and become an amazing therapist !

One of best seminars I’ve taken so far. It connected all the dots. The content is mind blowing and the protocols are life changing !

Mike Wallace, NY



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